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My name is Israel García-Díaz. I’m a creative specialist with 15 years of Art Direction experience. I have a Bachelor of Arts (2003) in Public Communication Specializing in Graphic Design from the University of Puerto Rico, a Professional Certification (2012) in Video and Audio Production from CCAT Puerto Rico, and also a Master of Science (2018) in Interactive Entertainment from the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, University of Central Florida (FIEA, UCF).

I have creative professional experience on emergent media through many positions such as Jr. Art Director, Art Director and Associate Creative Director, mainly in advertising, for accounts such as Honda, Acura, P&G, McDonalds, Covidien, Walgreens, BBVA and others. During the past years I have been expanding my knowledges in different emerging areas such as 3d animation and the development of Ui for video games. I am currently working as a Ui and Motion Graphics Artist for Electronics Arts (EA Sports) Some of the titles that I have been working on are Madden 20, Liminal, TableCraft and Valor.

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Artist Statement

In the past, how did it feel to be a patient waiting in a medical office without a smart phone or any kind of electronic device for entertainment? The options to pass the time were limited to reading, talking to someone else, fall asleep or just doing nothing but wait. Let’s say that you were lucky and maybe you found a pencil, a sheet of paper, and started drawing. Let’s say that you drew and erased so many times that the paper ended worn and gray.

I'm that kind of person. I’m the one who would have used the piece of paper to draw instead of doing other things. That is what makes me an artist. If I compare my life experiences with that used sheet of paper, its marks would represent my dreams in their way to becoming a reality. I started my artistic journey by drawing musical notes and developing designs, which are my two passions. Inspired by my dad’s and his successful family, I decided to study advertising and follow into their footsteps. At that point, I started using both ends my life’s pencil to animate my own path.

Animation for me is something simply fascinating. I never imagined that I would formally study to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become this kind of artist. I started on this road by myself. First, making small approaches and learning on my own about this field. Now, I can better understand why I wanted to work hard, doing drawings and sketching positions to animate. I want to do this, because for me it is worth it every minute, every line, every position. When I see the results, it really makes me feel satisfied and accomplished.


Israel Garcia

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